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Bullock Training & Development | Tempe, AZ

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We have a passion to help others develop and the experience to guide growth.

Tracy Bullock, President

Tracy is a graduate of the University of Arizona, with a BSBA in Marketing.  She started her career gaining 30 years of experience at Procter & Gamble; she developed Sales and Management teams, grew individuals' performance, and coordinated cross-department strategic planning with customers in the U.S. and globally. Tracy’s multi-functional experiences shaped her passion for developing people to accelerate business growth.

In 2016, Tracy was a finalist for both Tempe's Business Excellence Award and Business Woman of the Year.  This year, she is also a finalist for Tempe's Business Woman of the Year, yet again.  She is currently on the Board of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, leads the Women in Business Council, and facilitates the mentoring program.  Tracy was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award, Top Female Executive, and noted as one of the Top 101 Industry Experts for her work in Global Management Training Development by the University of Cambridge's Worldwide Who's Who.  

Bullock Training & Development, a licensed Sandler Training center located in Tempe, Arizona, combines Tracy's experience and her passion to customize solutions for Sales, Management, and Customer Service.  She builds and delivers Sandler Programs for companies of all sizes, across multiple industries including Medical, Restaurant, IT / Software, and Consumer Product Goods.

Lisa Prichard, Associate

Lisa Prichard brings multi-industry experience to Bullock Training & Development, and innovation to the Sandler Training programs. She began her professional career in Enterprise Sales & Marketing positions, then transitioned into the Building Materials & Construction Industry, where she has been driving break-through results statewide.

As the Executive Director of both the Arizona Masonry Guild & the Arizona Masonry Contractor Association, Lisa recognized the need to organically grow the labor force and strengthen Masonry’s position in the Construction industry. Her leadership over 12+ years in the position resulted in the development of a high school masonry outreach programs, a training program for instructors, all providing students the foundation needed to launch into roles with sponsoring companies directly out of school.

Lisa was awarded the Bart Del Duca Award in 2018 which honors Leaders of Excellence in the Masonry Industry for her ground-breaking work developing the Arizona Masonry Council which is funded by a state-wide voluntary check-off program. The Council provides the framework to continue work in Masonry Promotion & Education and Workforce Readiness.

What Sets Tracy Apart?

Tracy's mission is to help others acquire powerful business skills that will give them the confidence to sell more effectively and acquire the tools to lead dynamic teams. Her success is measured by her on-going partnerships and referrals from her satisfied customers.

“Tracy is an exceptional business partner who leverages creativity, humor and energy to elevate the urgency surrounding customer service. Her program includes collaboration and input from all participants in order to create the most critical priorities associated with developing a customer service culture." 

Brian Wood, MBA, CPC 
Sr. Operations Executive | Director of Operations, Waste Management

Your Partners in Success

Sandler Training is a worldwide leader in innovative management, leadership, sales and customer service training. The Sandler method’s honest, no-nonsense approach delivers tangible results using quality training materials, ongoing workshops, individual coaching sessions and continued follow-up.

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Local Awards & Recognition

  • Sandler Certified
  • DISC Certified
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Top 101 Industry Experts for her work in Global management Training Development by Cambridge’s Worldwide Who’s Who

Our Clients

Enterprise Clients and Independent Business Owners – all have one thing in common: Sales!

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Our office is dynamic, fast-paced and all about the clients we serve. Creating job fulfillment for the people who work with us is also a high priority.  

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