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Bullock Training & Development | Tempe, AZ

Virtual Guest Event: Advanced Accountability Workshop

Attention Leaders and Managers:
Join Us on June 10th from 10 AM to 11:30 AM PDT


Learn How to Keep Your Team Accountable and Focused

Keep Your Team On Track With Successful Behaviors To Create a Successful Business

Holding Your Team Accountable:

Accountability it one of the major challenges of managing a team – whether it’s a traditional in-person group, a team working remotely, or a blended combination of both. The most frequently asked questions are: WHAT is the best way to do this, and HOW do you do it with falling into the trap of micromanaging people?

The Challenge of Accountability:
Accountability can be a tough challenge for any leader. Most of us who lead teams can relate to these statements:

"Why don't people just do what I hired them to do"

“I’m frustrated with the need to chase salespeople and their quotas each month. Their projections never seem to match up with reality.”

“I’m unsure about what my people are REALLY doing every day.”

We may convince ourselves that these kinds of problems “force” us to jump into the fray in an effort to fix things ourselves. Perhaps we tell ourselves that we have no alternative but to take the helm so we can make sure things are on course … and find out for ourselves what’s really going on.

But is That Really Holding Them Accountable?

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About The Trainer

Tracy Bullock is a recognized speaker known for delivering team motivation while challenging participants to shift behaviors and execute what they learn to reach their goals. Her energizing presentations propel sales professionals to do their business development behaviors and close more sales.

Contact us today to discuss ideas and themes we can use to motivate your team at your next sales meeting or conference.