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Effective Hiring Strategies

Get a Hiring Assessment Process In Place

Basic Elements for Hiring Assessment Process

Whether your Company has less than 150 Employees or 1,500, whether you’re hiring for hourly or salaried positions, job-modeled assessments enable the taxing process of finding and interviewing the ‘right’ hires:

• Screen applicants from your ads BEFORE you invest your time and money into the process
• Establish success measures for each position and hire accordingly
• Automate the up-front process – every time – through on-line assessments

Here’s how it works:
Pick the category of employee you need (hourly or salaried)
• Each category has its own assessment
• Specific to the selection process, not current employees

Determine the number of positions you need to fill
• The number of assessments for each identified position is unlimited during the time frame chosen
• Example: 2 electrician hires needed, may get 25+ assessments, depending on # of applicants – unlimited assessment availability

Choose the vehicle to find your candidates (on-line ads, staffing services, etc.)
• A company-specific PIN will be developed for you*
• You can place it in any on-line job site as a part of the application process
• Available in English & Spanish
• Perfect complement as you work with a staffing company for salaried hires

Determine how long you’d like to maintain the assessments (90-, 180-, or 365-days)
• Cost determined by number of positions, number of hires, and number of days you choose to have unlimited assessments to fill your hiring needs
• Various Options are available for Companies with 150+
• Enterprise or Customizable options available

For More Information

For a discussion about how the Hiring Assessment process may eliminate the rework, expense, and time your Company invests in hiring, contact us at: (602) 524-3950 or