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How Important are ‘The First 90 Days’?

Does your company rely on your ability to find – and keep – employees?
Are you plagued with constant turnover?

Does your company rely on your ability to find – and keep – employees? Are you plagued with constant turnover?

• Do you have a never-ending revolving door with new hires?
• Is your job posting compelling? Are you reaching the RIGHT PEOPLE?
• Can you effectively interview & screen for those folks who will add value to your organization?
• Are the people you’re hiring even qualified for the role?

• Uncertain what an ’ON-BOARDING’ PROGRAM even is & why it’s important?
• Worried that completing the ‘paperwork’ may not be enough? What are you missing?
• Don’t know where to invest time to retain the people worth investing in?
• Frustrated that you are hiring people and they ‘just don’t get it’ or they don’t fit with the team?
• Tired of inconsistent way to standardize and simplify the entire process?

• Are you worried your MANAGERS don’t know how to MANAGE?
• Frustrated they aren’t effective at transferring their skills to the people they are training?
• Know you should help the Trainers, but don’t know what helps looks like?
• Worried you will invest time and money on people who aren’t really qualified to be Trainers?

Do you ever wonder what turnover costs your organization or how successful your team could be if you get help on these issues?

Turnover Cost as Percentage of Annual Salary:

Position Type and Average Replacement Cost
- Entry-level/non-skilled  - 30-50% of employee’s annual salary
- Service/production - 40-70% of employee’s annual salary
- Clerical/administrative - 50-80% of employee’s annual salary
- Skilled hourly - 75-100% of employee’s annual salary
- Professional - 75-125% of employee’s annual salary
- Technical - 100-150% of employee’s annual salary
- Supervisor - 100-150% of employee’s annual salary

*Cost is shown as a percentage of employee’s annual salary
**G&A Partners, 2016

‘The First 90 Days’ Solutions

PHASE 1 - Effective Hiring Strategies:

• Screen to qualify/disqualify candidates BEFORE you invest time and money into the interview process
• Learn how to interview – what are the best questions, how can you probe for culture fit?
• Do your job postings reflect the role, the responsibilities, and expectations?

PHASE 2 - On-Boarding Process:

• Retain the employees worth hiring by:
• Having set job descriptions & measures of success
• Setting clear expectations
• Having Accountability processes in-place
• Matching a new hire with a Manager who can effectively Train & Develop
• Make 1st Day in-take turn-key by having a company checklist and standard process/procedures that are followed the same way by every new hire

PHASE 3 – Management Basics:

• Understanding Your People
• Communication Skills
• Leadership Roles
• Setting Expectations
• Accountability
• Goal Setting
• Effective Training
• Conflict Management
• Maximizing Personal Performance

Want to stop the churn? Want to improve your “new hire experience”?

The #1 Reason people leave is their manager, #3 is the relationship with co-workers.